Coastal Chemical offers a variety of amines, including monoethanolamine (MEA), diethanolamine (DEA), and methyl diethanolamine (MDEA). Coastal also offers several amine based solvents such as diglycolamine (DGA), di-isopropanolamine (DIPA), physical solvents such as AGR II and Sulfolane. For formulated amines, Coastal offers Ineos’ GAS/SPEC product line.

Alkanolamines are a family of chemicals commonly used in acid gas treating that are typically referred to as “amines.” Amines are colorless, viscous liquids that comprise of both hydroxyl (-OH) and amino (-NH2, –NHR, and -NR2) functional groups on an alkane backbone. The amine reacts with the acid gases and produce a salt that is regenerated with heat.


Acid gas treating refers to the removal of acid gases from hydrocarbon streams like natural gas, NGLs, H2 streams, etc. Typically, acid gas refers to H2S and CO2, but an acid gas is any similar contaminant trying to be removed from a hydrocarbon stream (RSHCOS, CS2, CO, etc). The primary reasons being safety concerns and to minimize corrosion.
Natural Gas Plants and Refineries may use both amines and KOH for acid gas removal. KOH is non regenerable and must be recharged/replenished on regular bases.

Amine plants, when properly designed, operated and maintained, will remove acid gases (CO2; H2S) from natural gas with little difficulty and attendance. The process principles and physical limitations of the equipment should be clearly recognized and understood. Better knowledge of these limitations will help avoid many operating problems that stem directly from abuse of the solution or careless operating practices.

Solid desiccant applications are an option that Coastal Chemical can discuss and evaluate using our inhouse simulation programs as an additional possible means for acid gas removal.

Coastal Chemical offers a variety of amines, including monoethanolamine (MEA), diethanolamine (DEA), and methyl diethanolamine (MDEA).


Coastal offers a variety of tower packing that optimizes the total gas to liquid interface for optimal performance. Available in various geometrical configurations as well as materials of construction, RVT Process Equipment provides a packing for almost every application. Products include Rachet rings (pall rings), ceramic saddles, and structured packaging.   Column internals such as distributors as well as mass transfer trays in versatile designs and materials are available.


Ceramic Saddles

Structured Packing

Pall Rings (Rachet Rings)


Contact Coastal Chemical to learn how we can assist in acid gas removal.

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