INEOS GAS/SPEC™ Amine Solvents Formulated Ethanolamines: Gas/Spec: SS; CS-1000; CS-1160;

Ineos is a global manufacturer of Petrochemicals, specialty chemicals and oil products. It comprises 34 businesses each with a major chemical company heritage. The Gas/Spec products are under the Ineos Oxide business which is comprised of the Gas/Spec product line. The Gas/Spec name has represented a special focus on the products and services to remove acid gas from process streams.


Gas Spec CS-1160 Maximum CO2 removal (<50 ppm) Gas Spec SS Solvent H2S removal (<4 ppm, <300 ppm for TGU)
Gas Spec CS-1 Bulk CO2 removal (1000 ppm) Gas Spec CS-1000 Bulk CO2 removal (<100 ppm)
Gas Spec CS-2000 Bulk CO2 removal (1000 ppm to 2%) Gas Spec CS-3 Moderate CO2 removal (2-3%)
Gas Spec CS-Plus Maximum CO2 removal (<50ppm to <100 ppm) Gas Spec SS-3 Deep H2S removal (<4 ppm)
Gas Spec TG-10 Extreme Deep H2S removal (<10 ppm in TGU) Gas Spec SG-1060 Bulk CO2 removal (<1000 ppm)
Gas Spec TRS-2 & TRS-2B Refinery Heat Stable Salt management


Contact Coastal Chemical to learn how we can assist in acid gas removal.

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