DEA (a secondary amine) is a good general-purpose ethanolamine and in general, is the most common generic amine used in acid gas removal from natural gas and NGL. It is used in higher concentrations (20-30wt%) than MEA (<15wt%) for acid gas removal and other organic acids.

Diethanolamine is a clear, hygroscopic liquid with a mild ammoniacal odor at room temperature. At room temperature, it is a white crystalline solid. Diethanolamine is used in cosmetics, surface-active agents, petroleum demulsifiers, plasticizing agents, rubber chemicals and pharmaceuticals. It also acts as a gas-scrubber in refinery and natural gas operations for the removal of acid gases from both natural gas and NGL liquid products.

Diethanolamine 85%, Low Freeze Grade Diethanolamine 99% Industrial Grade


Contact Coastal Chemical to learn how we can assist in acid gas removal from natural gas and NGL.

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