AminePro 807® is a patented multipurpose performance-enhancing treatment program for amine units. In addition to providing excellent corrosion protection of all metal surfaces including vapor lines, AminePro 807® additive inhibits fouling and minimizes solvent degradation by heat stable salts (HSS).


Amine unit operational savings occur as a result of the following AminePro 807® benefits.
• Prevention of exchanger or tray fouling due to deposition of iron sulfide, iron carbonate, or hydrocarbon sludge.
• Minimizes filtration expense by inhibiting the formation of additional iron sulfide or iron carbonate after initial passivation.
• Protects all piping and equipment from corrosion by forming a hard impervious layer of passivation on the metal surface.
• Maintains clean metal surfaces and will slowly remove debris from fouled surfaces.
• Minimizes the formation of hydrocarbon sludge in amine units by preventing polymerization.
• Consumes oxygen to minimize solvent degradation to heat stable salts.
The result is a cleaner amine system with less foaming, fouling or corrosion and the capability to operate at higher amine concentrations, increasing amine unit capacity.


AminePro 807® is injected continuously to either the rich or the lean amine. To ensure optimum protection, the addition rate is adjusted based on the residual levels in the amine solution based on Coastal’s laboratory analyses as part of the program.


Contact Coastal Chemical to learn how we can assist in performance-enhancing for amine units.

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