Antifoams/Defoamers are surface tension modifiers. Coastal Chemical offers three types of antifoam for amine and glycol service: polyglycol, silicon, and high molecular weight alcohols.


Selecting the right antifoam to treat a plant problem is often a trial and error process. Generally, the polyglycols are successful in a majority of the cases. The recommended level of polyglycol antifoam is 100 ppmw, not to exceed 400 ppmw in a day. The recommended level of silicon antifoam is 10-25 ppmw, not to exceed 100 ppmw in a day. High molecular weight alcohols should be tried if polyglycol or silicon are not successful. It is our experience that antifoams containing both polyglycol and silicon should be avoided. In addition, be sure that the chosen antifoam is a water emulsion that does NOT contain a hydrocarbon carrier such as kerosene.


Finally, be sure to check each manufacturer’s guideline on antifoam shelf life (generally six months for silicon antifoam, one year for polyglycols, and six to twelve months for high molecular weight alcohols).



Contact Coastal Chemical to learn how we can assist in antifoam for amine and glycol.

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