Alumina-based adsorbents were developed by BASF to meet the increasing demands of the refinery and petrochemical plants. The alumina is promoted or specially formulated to remove a variety of contaminants in liquid and vapor streams to very low effluents, prolonging the life and activity of downstream catalyst. It is common to have proprietary applications of Selexsorbs in chemical process.



Selexcat-removal of COS Selexsorb AS-removes arsine, phospine
Selexsorb SPCL-removes chlorides Selexsorb COS/COSi- removes CO2, H2S, COS
Selexsorb Sl-removes organosilicates Selexsorb ST – TBC
Selexsorb CD/CDX/CDO/CDL-removes water, oxygenates, nitriles, mercaptans, NH3, peroxides, aldehydes, etc


Contact Coastal Chemical to learn how we can assist with BASF Alumina-based adsorbents.

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