HITEC® is a Coastal Chemical registered heat transfer salt that provides an economical, efficient, heat transfer medium that is between steam and direct fired heating. Freshly prepared HITEC® is a white, granular solid; when melted, pale yellow. HITEC® is an eutectic mixture of water-soluble, inorganic salts of potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate. It is a heat transfer medium for heating and cooling between 300-1100°F (149-593°C) that is used in process operations, such as reactor temperature maintenance, high-temperature distillation, reactant preheating, rubber curing, and rotational molding.


HITEC® is used because it has a low melting point (288°F, 142°C), high heat transfer coefficient, thermal stability, and low cost. It is nonfouling – a commonly recognized defect of many organic heat transfer media. HITEC® is nonflammable, nonexplosive and evolves no toxic vapors under recommended conditions of use. HITEC® keeps investment and operating costs to a minimum. It can be used at atmospheric pressure which eliminates the necessity for expensive, high-pressure equipment. It has a low degree of corrosivity toward common materials of construction. Plain carbon steel, for example, can be used for installations that operate up to 850°F (454°C). Because of the high heat transfer coefficients and high heat capacity of HITEC®, equipment size and surface areas for heat transfer can be held to a minimum. Maintenance and power costs for circulating the salt are correspondingly low.

Heat-Transfer Fluid


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