Coastal Chemical’s PowderSolv™ product line is a patented suite of pH neutral Iron Sulfide dissolver chemicals with a 15+ year track record of successful performance in the Oil and Gas, Mining and Water Treating industries.


The non-corrosive PowderSolv™ technology has the ability to chelate or dissolve iron compounds with no Hydrogen Sulfide outgassing. PowderSolv™ products are water soluble and will not cause an emulsion in mixed fluids nor will they cause a scale in brines. The PowderSolv™ pH neutral reaction with iron compounds is irreversible, creates no special disposal requirements and is environmentally friendly.


The different PowderSolv™ products are currently used in continuous injection or batch treatments for well downhole applications, production surface equipment treating, pipelines, crude oil terminals, gas plants, salt water disposal, water re-use and water storage applications. The PowderSolv™ applications are focused on pipeline cleaning, corrosion control, anti-fouling, flow assurance and asset integrity.



Contact Coastal Chemical to learn how we can assist in dissolving iron sulfide.

Jacques Fisher, PowderSolv™ Product Line Manager at 337-577-0486 or

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