Coastal Chemical recognizes that our customers derive value from our offerings due to our in-depth understanding of their processes and of our own products and services. When you partner with Coastal Chemical you are not just buying chemicals or services, you are bringing in a solutions provider with a vast network of support and understanding. We will determine the best solution for your very specific application. Knowing what to supply is often more valuable than supplying what is requested.


Coastal Chemical values and develops Technical Field Representatives with backgrounds in engineering, chemistry, as well as in production handling systems & operations. They understand that the primary functions of a successful chemical program are to ensure our customer’s marketable product meets specification for transfer, properly condition produced water for disposal (or transfer) and to maintain the integrity of the physical processing system related to corrosion and design capacity.



While chemical injection programs can sometimes play a vital role in these processes, properly functioning equipment can minimize the need for supplementary injections, especially in the area of primary phase separation. Our team’s experience in field processing operations ensures that we take advantage of as much of the system potential as is available thereby reducing chemical related LOE and minimizing secondary by-reaction issues. 

Our field representatives are not compensated based on sales activity and only focused on maintaining the recommended injection programs and providing supporting data for program adjustments. Leading with safety and environmental concerns, our field and laboratory personnel utilize state of the art simulation equipment to qualify the right chemistry yielding the most efficient treatment program backed by supporting data generated through a comprehensive performance monitoring program.


Contact Coastal Chemical to learn how our technical expertise will add value to your operations.
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