Coastal Chemical developed the Technical Service Group to provide value-added services to our sales team, customers, and suppliers. This team consists of resources with backgrounds in engineering, chemistry, as well as in production handling systems & operations. They understand that the primary functions of a successful chemical program are to ensure that our customer’s marketable product meets specification and to maintain the integrity of the physical processing system related to corrosion and design capacity. This team functions as Product Champions, Engineering Support, Laboratory Analysts, and Trainers.


Product Designs (alumina, mole sieve, SulfaGuard, carbon, BTEX, catalyst, caustic, etc.)


Customer personnel training for amine treating, physical solvent training, EG and TEG glycol dehydration solid desiccant (mole sieve, alumina, silica gel) dehydration, sulfur plant operation, H2S scavenger applications, heat transfer fluids, industrial coolants, BTEX, etc.


Computer simulation modeling (amine, AGRTEG, Gas/Spec) to debottleneck process operating units in conjunction with efficiency and optimization efforts.


  • Process design, recommendations, evaluation and selection
  • Plant commissioning, startup and shut down support and equipment surveys
  • Customer site visits and plant walkthroughs
  • Pipe & Instrument Diagram (P&ID) reviews
  • Troubleshoot operational or process problems and offer corrective recommendations
  • Telephone consultations
  • Molecular sieve moisture break through tests
  • Oversee procedures (mixing, loading, product applications and installation)
  • Product recommendations


  • Interpretation of lab analysis reports
  • Recommendations to correct problems. Usually involves additional Coastal products


  • Responsible for training new employees – sellers & next generation technical engineers
  • Industry surveillance and knowledge sharing with Sales group


  • Research & Development
  • New product technical issues
  • Technical papers and literature
  • SDS
  • Product safety issues
  • Inventory quality issues


We help customers improve operating performance.


Contact Coastal Chemical to learn how our technical expertise will add value to your operations.

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